DIY Baby Products that I Wish Had Been around 20 Years Ago

Long title. Sorry. So have you seen all of these things? People make their own products and I am JEALOUS. Why didn’t I ever think of this??? I could have saved so much money! And don’t even get me started on Pinterest. We have a love/hate relationship. As in I love it so much that I wish it had been around forever. But it wasn’t. So I hate it. Okay, anyway, back to the list!

1. DIY Baby Wipes: this would have saved us so much money! If you don’t want to watch the video, what she does is cut a roll of paper towel in half, stick it in a tupperware container, and cover it in a mixture of two cups hot water, two tablespoons of baby wash, and one tablespoon of baby oil. Then she lets it soak with the lid on for two minutes, then removes the cardboard roll. Voila. You’ve got inexpensive baby wipes that should last for quite some time. Not only that, but you know exactly what you’re using on your baby. Mostly. If you’re super concerned about what products you use on baby, you might look into making your own baby way.

2, 3, and 4. Here you can find DIY baby products instructions for everything from clothing  and pacifier clips to baby wraps. Who knew that we could just buy some jersey knit and cotton fabric, so some careful measurements and meticulous sewing, and find ourselves with an adorable and affordable baby wrap (they usually go for around $40). Do DIY projects for all of your major baby purchases (or most) and you can save some serious dough.

5. Toys. Most babies don’t need hundreds of dollars worth of plastic, talking, ballerina robots. In fact, most newborn-crawling age kids are happy enough with shiny things or the tags of t-shirts. Things that crinkle, or things they’re allowed to put in their mouth. Why do we spend so much money on toys that get shoved under beds and in closets and cause us to break our ankle in the middle of the night because we tripped over Elmo on the way to the bathroom???? This is true for outdoor toys as well. Check out what this guy does for his kids in the summer. Cheap and fun. Perfect.

I think that’s enough money saving tips for now. If you want more ideas, go to Pinterest, or just Google. I didn’t get to use these techniques for my kids, but my grandkids will be getting lots of homemade products, I can guarantee that! Good luck!

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Alternatives to Being the Perpetual Designated Driver

This one may seem obvious, but there are a few fun ways to get around this problem.

1. Hire a cab. 

Yes, sometimes the drivers rip you off, take you on the scenic route, drive like maniacs, etc., but it’s still a good alternative to being stuck babysitting your inebriated friends.

2. Walk.

St. Louis has several areas in which bars are clustered together. Walk from bar to bar on Wash Ave or in Soulard, instead of drunkenly driving or paying for a cab.

3. Carriage Rides

In Downtown STL, these things are pretty common. Maybe a little pricey, but a heck of a lot of fun.

4. Rent a Limousine

This is my personal favorite. My family doesn’t go out that often, but when we do, it’s for special occasions. I know a limo company that has great prices, and amazingly clean cars and friendly drivers. Hubby and I used them for our 25th anniversary, where we went to an amazing restaurant for dinner (Eleven Eleven Mississippi), somewhere else for dessert (Bailey’s Chocolate Bar), and then to Big Bang on the Landing for music and drinks. It was an amazing night, and the limo made it that much more so. We didn’t have to drive into the city–our driver picked us up at home and dropped us off nearly six hours later–we didn’t have to worry about directions, or if we were sober enough to drive. It really was the best way to get around.

5. Make the Most of a Friend who Lives Near the Bars

I have a cousin who lives in the Soulard area. Whenever I meet up with girlfriends for drinks, we all park at her house, and my cousin, the girls, and I walk the four blocks to our favorite bar. At the end of the night, we all walk back together, and sober up at my cousin’s house. This saves a lot on transportation costs when we don’t feel like ponying up the cash for a cab or forcing someone to DD.

Hope this list helps!

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How to Make a Gnat Trap

If you’re like me, you might inexplicably find gnats in your kitchen. If you have, you know just how annoying they are. Here is a list of steps to get rid of the pesky creatures.

1. Get an empty cup or mason jar.

2. Fill it with apple cider vinegar. (If you do not have apple cider vinegar you can use white vinegar mixed with dish soap, or a banana peel. Gnats will be attracted to both.)

3. Cover the cup or jar with plastic wrap.

4. Poke tiny holes in the wrap. (The gnats will get in, drawn by the vinegar, but will be unable to escape.)

5. When the cup or jar is full, throw it out.

6. Enjoy a gnat-free house!

7. If your gnat problem should persist, repeat the process and continue to step 8.

8. Pour vegetable or olive oil down the drain. The gnats will get stuck and/or be unable to mate while covered in the oil. This will stop the gnats from reappearing.


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And the first step is…

I am a tailor of lists. A crafter of categorizations. Here, I will compile a wide array of lists, from helpful household cleaning tips to how to hunt down the best local burger. The fun starts here, folks. If you ever have a question, or would like to request a list, feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment!

Let’s get listing.

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